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Serbia Army Experimental Chest Webbing Rig/Tactical Vest

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Serbia Army Experimental Chest Webbing Rig/Tactical Vest

This is experimental Serbian army chest webbing rig/tactical load-bearing vest prototype field-tested in 2002 by Serbian troops stationed in the Ground Security Zone that separates Serbian forces in central Serbia from their NATO counterparts in Kosovo. The vest was actually field-tested under the toughest combat conditions. This is due to the exceptional quality and resilience of these vests. They were designed as experimental trial prototypes, and were discontinued because of the high costs involved in mass-producing items of this quality for the Serbian army.

Serbia's best army and police units are regularly stationed in the Ground Security Zone. They are equipped with superior gear in comparison to regular units stationed in other parts of the country. This vest was one of a series of prototypes field-tested by the Serbian army during the final stages of counterinsurgency operations in southern Serbia. Although the vest was based on earlier designs, it is far superior to models previously used by this country's army and police.

The vest is constructed of extremely tough, oil and water repellent webbing and fabric printed in the standard M-89/93 Serbian "jigsaw" camouflage pattern. The vest is part of the Serbian army's integrated individual equipment system, and is compatible with a standard Serbian equipment belt. The equipment belt (sold separately) is secured to the tactical load-carrying vest with 6 nylon belt loops that use snap fasteners.

The vest has four permanently attached pouches that can carry a total of four 30-round 7.62 mm magazines for the Serbian M-70 (and later-model) Kalashnikov-style assault rifle. Located directly to the sides are two fragmentation grenade pouches. The magazine and grenade pouches are secured with snap fasteners and Velcro strips, with pull-open tabs. The shoulders are protected with foam padding.

The vest closes in front with an incredibly tough zipper and a chest strap using a plastic quick-release buckle. The vest also includes other pouches for a standard Serbian army canteen, rations, bandages, tactical combat knife and other useful items.

The vest is lace-adjustable in the back. This is a second generation Serbian army vest. It shares some common traits with earlier models, but is far superior in every way that matters. It is light, practical and comfortable to wear.

The vests were made in small numbers as part of a series of prototypes, and this is one of the few remaining on the market.

Manufacturer: MS Commerce, Novi Sad, Serbia
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