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Interceptor additional components

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This entry will cover the various upgrades to the IBA system over its use designed to improve its protective qualities. All items are available in all standard camouflages present in the OTV.

Fragmentation Collar:
Description: A protective kevlar collar attached to the OTV
Purpose: To protect the user's neck, carotid artery and throat from fragmentation damage.
NIJ Level: II (2)

Groin Protector:
Description: A soft armor flap extending downwards over the front of the user's groin.
Purpose: To protect the user from shrapnel and prevent injury to the genitals and inner thigh and femoral artery.
NIJ Level: I (1)

Deltoid Guards:
Description: kevlar arm guards with steel or aluminum plate covering the outside of the upper bicep.
Purpose: To protect the user's deltoid (shoulder muscle responsible for raising the arm) from damage caused by fragmentation.
NIJ Level: II (2)

Auxilary Protection System:
Description: A soft armor pad covering the user's auxiliary space(soft area under the arm and above the ribcage).
Purpose: to protect the user's auxiliary space and auxiliary artery.
NIJ Level: IIIa (3a)

Back Extender:
Description: A Kevlar panel covering the rear of the user's lower back/abdominal region and buttocks/glutes.
Purpose: to protect the user's lower back, kidneys, intestines, and glutes or buttocks from shrapnel.
NIJ Level: IIIa (3a)

Thigh/Upper Leg Protectors:
Description: kevlar panels covering the length and circumference of the user´s thigh.
Purpose: To protect the user´s thigh muscles and femoral artery from shrapnel.
NIJ Level: IIIa (3a)

Lower Extremity Body Armor (LEBA):
Description: A soft armor panel attached to the upper leg protector that is wrapped around the user's shin and calf
Purpose: To protect the user's shin and calf from shrapnel damage
NIJ Level: IIIa (3a)

Combat ¨Diaper¨:
Description: An aramid or kevlar fiber ¨diaper¨ designed to be used in place of the groin protector it covers the entirety of the user's pelvis and is to be used with the thigh guard attachment
Purpose: To protect the user's pelvic tissue, bone, and genitals from spalling and shrapnel.
NIJ Level: II (2)

Another category of: Bulletproof Vests

Condor ACU Quick Release Plate Carrier. US Armed Forces ISAPO plate carrier (Interim Small Arms Protective Overvest) IBA (Interceptor Multi-Threat Body Armor System ) Eagle Industries CIRAS maritime PASGT system combat vest (manufactured by Gibraltar Industries)
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