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Summer uniform, "Granite b"

Summer uniform, "Granite b"

Summer uniform, "Granite b"

Summer uniform, "Granite b"

Summer uniform, "Granite b"

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This uniform follows a newer cut that abandons the older BDU style in use with the ROK army to a newer design that is much more unique to South Korea. The jacket has a similar overall cut to ACU uniforms, with full zipper (bidirectional) closure and a mandarin collar, however, the design is otherwise very different: there are epaulettes present (these are used mostly to denote units in training or to differentiate between branches of the armed forces, also to designate officer ranks) enlisted ranks are put on the upper left breast pocket flap via velcro (from private to sergeant) and manually sown on the jacket collar (from staff sergeant to sergeant major). Unit will be designated via a patch on the round velcro spot on the left sleeve. There are two variations of the jacket: one only has breast pockets, another one also includes sleeve pockets. Also the presence of a rectangular velcro spot on the right sleeve to place a flag of the Republic of Korea is irregular. Jacket also includes an inner camouflaged flap so that when the jacket is partially opened, chest will remained camouflaged. Buttons, interestingly enough, are also camouflaged.

Pants very are similar to the U.S. BDU style, with two main differences: absence of adjustable cinch cords on the waist, and ankle blousing cord is elastic and it includes a plastic piece to secure the position.

Camouflage is known as "granite B", which was introduced in 2010 and is in service with all branches of the ROK military except for the ROK marines.
Author: Lluís Pérez Expósito
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